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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Television Engineering }

330. The reproduced picture resolution depends upon
A. amplitude of the video signal
B. frequency response of the video section
C. phase angle of the colour subcarrier signal
D. quality of picture tube
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331. In a 625-line, 50 Hz TV system with a horizontal scanning frequency of 15,625 Hz, utilisation ratio of 0.7 and horizontal blanking time of 12 pis, the total number of pixels per frame would be (assuming that a total of 45 lines are blankedout in every frame and that the highest video frequency is 5 MHz)
A. approximately 2,11000
B. approximately 1,44000
C. approximately 5,15000
D. indeterminate from given data
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332.  A picture has 400 horizontal and 300 vertical picture elements. The picture has total number of pixels of
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333. 400 pictureelements were scanned producing a video signal of 4 MHz. These picture elements were scanned in
A. 25 gs
B. 50 gs
C. 100 gs
D. none of these
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334. The image lag in a camera tube
A. is a problem obeam aperture
B. is a problem of target plat e
C. leads to appearance of ghosts when the picture is reproduced
D. none of these
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335. The gamma aneed or camera tube is
C. e2.2
D. e04545
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336. One of the following is used for colour separation in a colour camera
A. Neutral density filter
B. Colour conversion filter
C. Dichroic mirrors
D. none of these
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