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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Television Engineering }

295. Chopping of radiations in a pyrolectric vidicon camera is necessary to view
A. stationary objects
B. moving objects
C. both stationary and moving objects
D. none of these
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296. In a pyroelectric imaging system operation, it was found necessary to apply a certain minimum (+ve) bias potential to the target for successfully reading out the charge. In such a case, the target is
A. anode-potential stabilized
B. cathode-potential stabilized
C. either of the two
D. none of these
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297.  A tuner comprises of
A. RF section and mixer stage
B. RF section
C. RF section, mixer and local oscillator
D. none of these
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298.  Element used to match the characteristic impedance of feeder with the input impedance of TV receiver input is sometimes known as
A. balancing bridge
B. balun
C. balancing coil
D. impedance-match
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299.  A particular television broadcast station was tuned in and the receiver's local oscillator frequency was observed to be MHz. If the standards followed are those given by CCIR, then the channel tuned in is
D. none of these
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300. Gain of IF section in a television receiver
A. depends upon the design and cannot be changed
B. is of the order of 1000 or so
C. can be varied with AGG bias control
D. none of these
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301. In split-sound receivers, sound information is extracted form
A. first sound IF
B. second sound IF
C. the output of video-detector stage
D. none of these
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