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ECE Objective Questions { Television Engineering }

22. The output from a keyed-rainbow generator generates a colour pattern on the TV screen called the pattern.
A. bar
B. rainbow
C. ring
D. colour-difference

23.  In practice, it is desirable to prevent vertical rolling of chroma bars because of the
A. loss of contrast
B. frequency drift in vertical oscillator
C. snaking action caused by the 50 Hz and 100 hz hum voltage
D. none of the above

24.  Colour bar generators are used mainly to check the operation of the ........... in colour TV receivers.
A. number of chroma bars
B. chroma circuitry
C. video

25.  A vectorgram is useful because it shows at a glance whether the operation of the .......... is normal.
A. RF amplifier
B. horizontal amplifier
C. chroma demodulator
D. video amplifier

26. The control that adjusts the frequency of the horizontal sweep oscillator in an oscilloscope is
A. sync selector
B. Z-axis
C. horizontal gain
D. sweep control

27.  The probe commonly used on the oscilloscope when measuring high-frequency or high-impedance circuits is the
A. low-capacitance probe
B. voltage divider
C. demodulator probe
D. noise probe

28.  The accessary probe that is used on the oscilloscope for detecting signal is
A. low-capacitance probe
B. AF probe
C. demodulator probe
D. direct probe

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