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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Television Engineering }

225. The height of a TV picture tube of 20" size is
A. 10 inches
B. 12 inches
C. 16 inches
D. 20 inches
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226. An odd number of lines per frame forms part of every one of the world's TV systems. This Is
A. done to assist interlace
B.(p) purely an accient
C. to ensure that lines and frame frequencies can be obtained from the same original source
D. done to minimize interference with the chroma subcarrier.
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227. For 51 cm size TV the voltage required for picture tube of the order of
A. 440 V
B. 1 KV
C. 10 KV
D. 15 KV
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228.  For channel 4 if the frequency of picture carrier is 62.25 MHz, then the frequency of sound carrier will be
A. 55.25 MHz
B. 57. 75 MHz
C. 65.25 MHz
D. 67.75 mhz
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229. Which channel has the highest frequency range?
A. Channel 1
B. Channel 7
C. Channel 14
D. All channels have same frequency range.
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230. In the saw tooth wave form for linear scanning
A. the linear rise is for flyback
B. beam moves faster duffing traces than retrace
C. complete cycle includes traces and retraces
D. None of the above
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231. A colour camera is
A. Vidicon camera
B. Image orthicon camera
C. a combination of three or four monochrome cameras with optical accessories
D. none of the above
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