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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Television Engineering }

204. In TV system
A. picture is A.M., sound is F.M.
B. picture is F.M. sound is are A.M.
C. picture and sound both are A.M.
D. picture and sound both are F.M.
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205.  In TV system the frame frequency is
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206. In India the width of one channel is
A. 1 MHz
B. 2 MHz
C. 5 MHz
D. 7 MHz
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207.  For a particular channel if the video carrier is 62.25 MHz, the audio carrier will be
A. 56.75 MHz
B. 57.25 MHz
C. 65.75 MHz
D. 67.75 Mhz
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208.  In a TV which of the following stages has AGC bias?
A. Mixer
B. Local oscillator
C. RF amplifier
D. A.F.T. discriminator
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209.  In a TV the voltage given to deflection coil is
A. sine wave
B. square pulse
C. saw tooth type
D. trapezoidal
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210. The video voltage applied to the picture tube of a television receiver is fed in
A. between grid and ground
B. to the yoke
C. to the anode
D. between grid and cathode
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