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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Television Engineering }

15. The length of the sweep screen is controlled by
A. sync control
B. sweep selector
C. horizontal gain
D. vertical gain
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16. A demodulator probe is used to
A. extend the bandwidth of an oscilloscope
B. increase the gain of an oscilloscope
C. prevent distortion of TV station signal
D. de-energise the vertical amplifier
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17. When repetition rate of sawtooth waveform in an oscilloscope is one-third that of input signal voltage, the number of complete cycles of the signal voltage displayed on CRT screen would be
B. 1/3
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18. Both dot and line patterns on a TV screen are produced by
A. sine waves
B. rectangular waves
C. sawtooth waves
D. pulse waveforms
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19. White-dot and cross-hatch generators are chiefly used for
A. convergence of colour picture tubes
B. linearity of colour picture tubes
C. intensity tests of colour picture tubes
D. generation of colour bar patterns
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20. White-dot and cross-hatch patterns are commonly called .......... patterns.
A. linearity
B. colour bar
C. convergence
D. background
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21. Dynamic convergence controls are adjusted to obtain correct convergence at the of the screen.
A. centre
B. edges
C. centre and edges
D. bottom only
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