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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Television Engineering }

197. In TV studios, cyclorama is used to
A. provide noise necessary to give reality to dramatic scenes
B. provide background to exterior scenes
C. suppress sound of footsteps
D. produce wind effect for pseudo-exteriors shot in the studio
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198. The 20-kW TV transmitter of Sri Lanka's colour transmission Rupavahini is located 2.5 km above sea level. The range of this transmitter is_____ km.
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199. If people living in Trivandrum want to receive clear Rupavahini colour transmission from Sri Lanka, they should
A. buy KELTRON TV receiver set
B. use tall booster antenna
C. use balun units
D. employ antenna rotator
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200. One sign of week TV aerial signal is
A. presence of ghost images
B. fading of the picture
C. snow in the picture
D. feeble brightness of the screen
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201.  The line frequency of TV system in India is
A. 50 Hz
B. 625 Hz
C. 15,625 Hz
D. 15,750 Hz
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202. In TV if there is no brightness but sound is normal, the trouble could be in
A. R.F. amplifier
B. horizontal oscillator
C. vertical oscillator
D. none of the above
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203. Equalizing pulses in TV are sent during
A. horizontal blanking
B. vertical blanking
C. the serrations
D. the horizontal retrace
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