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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Television Engineering }

190.  In TV studio lighting arrangement, 'key' light is used for
A. bringing out architectural features and promoting sense of realism
B. providing modelling and show texture and contour by creating shadows
C. providing light in the shadows to show detail and give artistic balance
D. promoting 3?D effect
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191. In TV production, `talkback' means
A. transmitter linking director with floor manager
B. headphones worn by camera and sound staff
C. open microphone used for cueing and briefing instructions
D. a machine for producing TV pictures , from motion pictures
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192.  Acoustically speaking, TV studios are made as 'dead' as possible, the main consideration being that
A. any reverberating time may be achieved byadding artifical reverberation
B. quality of sound may not be affected by wall reflections
C. special sound effects may be created easily
D. resonance may be inhibited
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193. Reverberation is essential for all types of music because it
A. makes it lour and audible
B. adds harmonics and richness
C. gives warmth and sonority and a sense of power
D. gives the effect of distance and solidity of environment
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194. In the context of studio acoustics, ambiophony means
A. technique used for modifying acoustic properties of a material
B. relaying of program sound to the audience present at a production
C. a method of adjusting reverberation within a studio or concert hall by means of loudspeaker feedback system
D. the method of re-recording from one recording to another
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195. Which one of the following is NOT a keyboard instrument?
A. calvichord
B. cello
C. celeste
D. harpsichord
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196. Which of the following woodwind instrument produces a very pure tone when heard from a distance but has a breathing quality at close range?
A. piccolo
B. oboe
C. clarinet
D. bassoon
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