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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Television Engineering }

183. Minus-blue colour means
A. orange
B. magneta
C. yellow
D. green
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184. The hue that is 1800 out of phase with red is
A. yellow
B. cyan
C. blue
D. pink
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185. The reference white colour for colour television is ,a mixture by percentage of
A. red = 30, green = 59, blue = 11
B. R = 33.3, B = 33.3, G = 33.3
C. R = 45, B = 35, G = 20
D. R = 50, B = 25, G = 25
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186. The shadow mask in colour TV picture tube is used to
A. reduce X-ray emission
B. increase screen brightness
C. ensure that each beam hits its own target
D. decrease piture contrast
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187.  Ribbon microphone is an example of ---- microphone.
A. electrostatic
B. moving-coil
C. pressure-operated
D. pressure-gradient
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188. Inthe context of TV studio equipment, 'fishing rod' refers to a
A. boom
B. hand-held microphone
C. short pole supporting a microphone
D. slung microphone
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189. Which of the following microphone has super-directional characteristics?
A. rifle microphone
B. ribbon microphone
C. lavalier microphone
D. radio microphone
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