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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Television Engineering }

155. The function of a video amplifier is to step-up the output from the
A. IF amplifier
B. antenna
C. front end
D. demodulator
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156.  The linear speed of a 2" quad. video tape recorder in current use is of the order of ___ cm/s.
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157. Basically, a picture detector is
A. an IF-video coupler
B. power rectifier
C. demodulator
D. ratio detector
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158. The dc component of a video signal corresponds to in the televised scene.
A. maximum illumination
B. picture contrast
C. background illumination
D. picture details
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159. The peak-to-peak value of picture detector output voltage for optimum picture and sound reproduction is about volt.
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160. In most cases, malfunctions in AGC system are caused by
A. deteriorated electrolytic capacitors
B. defective inductors
C. too short time-constant
D. AGC detector
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161. AGC bias voltage is never applied to
A. IF section
B. RF section
C. sound-IF section
D. both IF and RF sections
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