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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Television Engineering }

134. The number of active picture elements in a television image depends on
A. flyback time
B. CRT screen size
C. receiver bandwidth
D. FB ratio of receiver antenna
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135. A 'flying-spot' television camera is used for
A. imaging flying objects
B. picture taking by satellites
C. television stillpictures
D. television motion-picture films
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136. The TV camera used for live TV transmission is known as
A. vidicon
B. image-orthicon
C. ortho-vidicon
D. image-vidicon
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137. The video voltage applied to the picture tube of a television receiver is fed in
A. between grid and gound
B. to the yoke
C. to be anode
D. between grid and cathode
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138. TV transmitters of satellites use
A. image orthicon
B. vidicon
D. photoelectric cell
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139. One of the advantages of using aluminium screens in modern picture tubes is to
A. provide brighter pictures
B. protect internal aquadag coating
C. protect the flourescent material
D. increase persistence of vision
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140. The output of the vertical amplifier, applied to the yoke in a TV receiver, consists of
A. direct current
B. amplified vertical sync pulses
C. a sawtooth voltage
D. a sawtooth current
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