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ECE Objective Questions { Television Engineering }

8. Intensity of the electron beam in a CRT can be controlled by varying voltage
A. grid bias
B. cathode
C. heater
D. accelerating

9. The observe a portion of a waveform, we must use
A. free-running oscilloscope
B. triggered-sweep oscilloscope
C. vectorscope
D. cathode-ray tube

10. Lissajous patterns obtained by an oscilloscope can be used to get
A. phase information
B. frequency of input signal
C. both frequency and phase information
D. voltage amplitude

11. The term wide-band as applied to an oscilloscope denotes the bandwidth of its
A. vertical amplifier
B. horizontal amplifier
C. both vertical and horizontal amplifiers
D. none of the above

12. When a complete oscilloscope is used as a vectorscope, with the input signals coupled directly to CRT deflection plates, the deflection plates must be effectively isolated from
A. vertical amplifier only
B. horizontal amplifier only
C. both vertical and horizontal amplifiers
D. accelerating anodes

13.  An oscilloscope is generally used to measure the value of .......... voltage
A. dc
B. rms ac
C. peak-to-peak ac
D. average value of ac

14. The purpose of a synch oscilloscope is to
A. set the intensity level
B. control brightness
C. set the focus
D. lock the signal

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