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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Television Engineering }

120.  A TV antenna receives a reflected signal via a path which is 3 km longer than the direct signal path. If picture width is 55 cm and scan time for one horizontal line is 55 ps, the ghost image would be displaced from the original image by ___ cm.
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121. In order to eliminate ghosts in TV picture, one important method is to
A. use longer transmission line
B. cannect a booster
C. use a multiband antenna
D. change the antenna orientation or location
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122. Mark the false statement (s) :
A. In FM, loudest sound produces maximum frequency deviation
B. the audio modulating frequency determines the rate of frequency swing in an FM transmitter
C. a frequency swing of ?5 kHz corresponds to 5 per cent modulation for the TV sound signal
D. slope detection enables an AM receiver to detect FM signal "
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123.  The reflector 'arm' for a simple folded-dipole Yagi antenna is called a/an
A. parasitic element
B. reflector element
C. mirror element
D. antenna loop
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124. T.V. broadcasting in India is done in
A. U.H.F. band
B. microwave band
C. V.H.F. band
D. None of above
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125. The impedance of 3-element Yagi receiving antenna is around
A. 75 ohm
B. 300 ohm
C. 50 ohm
D. none of these
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126.  Television transmitting antennas are
A. unidirectional
B. bidirectional
C. directional
D. omnidirectional
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