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ECE Objective Questions { Television Engineering }

106.  Interlacing is used in television to
A. produce the illusion of motion
B. ensure that all the lines on the screen are scanned, not merely the alternate ones
C. simplify the vertical sync pulse train
D. avoid flicker

107. An odd number of lines per frame forms part of every one of the world's TV systems. This is
A. done to assist interlace
B. purely an accident
C. to ensure that line and frame frequenices 'can be obtained from the same original source
D.done to minimize interference with the chroma subcarrier

108.  TV broadcasting system in India is as per CCIR
A. system B
B. system I
C. system M
D. system X

109.  Equalising pulsing in T.V. are sent during
A. horizontal blanking
B. vertical blanking
C. horizontal retrace
D. flukering

110. If normal line sync pulse width is 4.6 its, width of equalizing pulse is ?its

111. Point out the false equation :
A. two fields = one picture
B. two fields = one frame
C. two frames ---- one field
D. one picture = two fields

112. In connection with TV systems, PAL refers to the
A. well-known European company manufacturing TV sets
B. colour TV system used in Europe
C.(o) original 405-line raster standard adopted by UK
D. system followed by BBC, London

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