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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Television Engineering }

92. A television system having N = 525 and P = 25 frames/s has a horizontal sync frequency of
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93.  Precise synchronization has to be maintained between the scanning beam in the TV camera and the scanning beam in the receiver CRT in order that the displayed picture may not
A. become defocused
B. decrease in size
C. blank out
D. become 'torn up'
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94. To ensure that electron beam in the receiver CRT starts each scanning line at exactly the same time that a corresponding scanning line starts in TV camera, it is essential to utilize a pulse.
A. sync
B. equalizing
C. code
D. blanking
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95. The TV broadcasting in India is done in
A. VHF band I
B. VHF band I and II
C. VHF band I. H and III
D. VHF band I and II
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96. The signals sent by the TV transmitter to ensure correct scanning in the receiver are called
A. sync
B. chroma
C. luminance
D. video
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97. The line frequency of TV system in India is ? Hz.
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98. A complete television signal consists of
A. sync pulses and a sound signal
B. camera signal
C. a video signal and sync pulses
D. a composite video signal and sound signal
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