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ECE Objective Questions { Television Engineering }

1.  A pulse-type waveform (such as television line pulse) is a modification of
A. square wave
B. rectangular wave
C. sawtooth wave
D. sine wave

2. The main purpose of interlacing in television scanning is to
A. reduce flicker
B. brighten the TV picture
C. sharpenpicture outline
D. increase channel bandwidth

3.  If a TV picture has 525 lines and scanning rate is 30 pictures/second, time for scanning one line is second.
A. 30/525
B. 525/30
C. 1/30 x 525
D. 30 x 525

4. If there are 625 lines per TV picture, then lines per field are

5. The function of a sync separator ma TV set is to separate the signals.
A. video and sound
B. video and line sync
C. line sync and field sync
D. sound and field sync

6. The main function of electron gun in a cathode-ray tube is to ---- electrons.
A. deflect
B. produce
C. size
D. aspect

7. In a CRT, focussing of electron beam is achieved by varying
A. grid bias
B. heater voltage
C. voltage of first accelerating anode
D. secondary accelerating voltage

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