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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Semiconductor Physics and Diodes }

43.  Pick the odd-man out (referring to the material used for their fabrication
A. fixed resistors
B. thermistors
C. sensistors
D. varistors
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44.  A semiconductor is said to be in thermal equilibrium with its environment if
A. its characteristics remain unaltered with charge in device temperature
B. its characteristics do not change with temperature
C. for any process, there is a reverse process that occurs at the same rate
D. the device temperature is equal to environmental temperature
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45. Typical value of forbidden energy gap in germanium is
A. 1 eV
B. 1.4 eV
C. 10 eV
D. 0.67 eV
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46.  One of the following is not a semiconductor
A. GaAs (Gallium Arsenide)
B. Indium
C. Germanium (Ge)
D. Silicon (Si)
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47. Out of the three most commonly employed semiconductor materials, Ge, Si, GaAs, the one with highest forbidden energy gap is
A. Ge
B. Si
C. GaAs
D. He
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48. An intrinsic semiconductor
A. has a lower value of resistivity amount other semiconductors of the same material
B. is one wohse electrical properties are essentially those of pure crystal
C. is one whose electrical properties depend upon the nature of impurities added
D. none of these
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49. An extrinsic semiconductor is one
A. Whose electrical characteristics depend upon nature of impurities added
B. whose electrical characteristics are those of ideal or pure crystal
C. with a higher resistivity than intrinsic of the same material
D. none of these
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