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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Semiconductor Physics and Diodes }

197.  The leakage current in a pn junction is of the order of
A. A
B. mA
C. kA
D. tA
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198.  In an intrinsic semicoductor, the number of free electrons
A. equals the number of holes
B. is greater than the number of holes
C. is less than the number of holes
D. none of the above
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199. At room temperature, an intrinsic semiconductor has
A. many holes only
B. a few free electrons and holes
C. many free electrons only
D. no holes or fre electrons
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200. At absolute temperature, an intrinsic semiconductor has
A. a few free electrons
B. many holes
C. many free electrons
D. no holes or free electrons
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201. At room temperature, an intrinsic silicon crystal acts approximately as
A. a battery
B. a conductor
C. an insulator
D. a piece of copper wire
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202. The impurity commonly used for realizing the base region of a silicon n-p-n transistor is
A. Gallium
B. Indium
C. Boron
D. Phosphorus
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203.  In an abrupt p-n junction, the doping concentrations on the p-side and n-side are NA = 9 x 1016/cm3 and ND = 1 X 1016/ CM3 respectively. The p-n junction is reverse biased and the total depletion width is 3 pm. The depletion width on the p-side is
A. 2.7 gm
B. 0.3 pm
C. 2.25 pm
D. 0.75 gm
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