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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Semiconductor Physics and Diodes }

162. The width of depletion layer of a P-N junction
A. decreases with light doping
B. increases with heavy doping
C. is independent of applied voltage
D. is increased under reverse bias
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163. At room temperature of 25?C, the barrier potential for silicon is 0.7 V. Its value at 125?C is___volt.
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164. Junction breakdown occurs
A. under high temperature condition
B. with forward bias
C. under reverse bias
D. because of manufacturing defect
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165. Avalanche breakdown is primarily dependent on the phenomenon of
A. collision
B. doping
C. ionization
D. recombination
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166. Reverse current in a silicon junction nearly doubles for every ___ ?C rise in temperature.
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167. Without a dc source, a clipper acts like a
A. rectifier
B. clamper
C. demodulator
D. chopper
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168. The primary function of a clamper circuit is to
A. suppress variations in signal voltage
B. raise positive half-cycle of the signal
C. lower negative half-cycle of the signal
D. introduce a dc level into an ac signal
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