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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Semiconductor Physics and Diodes }

155. When forward biased, a diode
A. blocks current
B. conducts current
C. has a high resistance
D. drops a large voltage
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156. The term bias means
A. the ratio of majority carriers to minority carriers
B. the amount of current across the P-N junction
C. a dc voltage applied across the P-N junction to control its operation
D. none of the above
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157.  The forward-bias a P-N junction, diode,
A. an external voltage is applied that is positive at the anode and negative at the cathode
B. an external voltage is applied that is negative at the anode and positive at the cathode.
C.an external voltage is applied that is positive at the P-region and negative at the N-region
D. a and c above
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158. When a P-N junction is forward-biased
A. the only current is the hole current
B. the only current is the electron current
C. the only current is produced by majority carriers
D. the current is produced by both holes and electrons
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159.  A P-N. junction diode's dynamic conductance is directly proportional to
A. the applied voltage
B. the temperature
C. the current
D. the thermal voltate
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160.  The junction capacitance of a linearly graded junction varies with the applied reverse bias, VR as
A. VR-1
B. VR-1/2
C. VR-1"
D. VR112
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161.  The diffusion capacitance of a forward biased e N (p+ indicates heavily doped P-region) junction diode with a steady current I depends on
A. width of the depletion region
B. mean life-time of holes
C. mean life-time of electrons
D. junction-area
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