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ECE Objective Questions { Semiconductor Physics and Diodes }

8. For converting intrinsic semiconductor into N-type extrinsic semiconductor, which of the following doping elements would not be suitable?
A. arsenic
B. antimony
C. indium
D. phosphorous

9. Consider the energy level diagram of an intrinsic semiconductor. The Fermi level lies in the
A. valence band
B. forbidden gap
C. conduction band or
D. it can be at any of the above locations depending upon the doping concentration and temperature

10. At higher forward voltages, a junction diode is likely to
A. burn out
B. get saturated
C. suffer breakdown
D. become noisy

11. A general purpose diode is more likely to suffer avalanche breakdown rather than Zener breakdown because
A. its leakage current is small
B. it has stroug covalent bands
C. it is lightly-doped
D. it has low reverse resistance

12. The static V/I characteristics of a junction diode can be described by the equation called
A. Richardson-Dushman equation
B. Boltzmann diode equation
C. Einstein's photoelectic equation
D. Child's three half-power law

13. The turn-on voltage of a Ge junction diode is ___ volt.

14.  For converting intrinsic semiconductors into extrinsic ones, the level of doping required is about
A. 1 : 103
B. 1 : 105
C. 1 : 108

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