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ECE Objective Questions { Semiconductor Physics and Diodes }

113. The maximum rectification efficiency in case of full wave rectifier is

114. A full wave bridge rectifier is supplied voltage at 50 Hz. The lowest ripple frequency will be
A. 400 Hz
B. 200 Hz
C. 100 Hz
D. 50 Hz

115. For signal diodes the PIV rating is usually in the range
A. 1 V to 10 V
B. 10 V to 30 V
C. 30 V to 150 V
D. 150 V to 400 V

116. In N-type semi-conductor
A. electrons are majority carriers while holes are minority carriers
B. electrons are minority carriers while holes are majority carriers
C.both electrons as well as holes are majority carriers
D. both electrons as well as holes are minority carriers

117. A semi-conductor that is electrically neutral
A. has no majority carriers
B. has no minority carriers
C. has no free charge carriers
D. has equal amount of positive and negative charges

118. In case of selenium, under the influence of varying light intensity
A. emf is generated due to chemical reaction
B. emf is generated due to physical reaction
C. electrical conductivity changes
D. the number of electrons liberated

119. Depletion region in a pn junction diode consists of
A. Mobile donor ions
B. Mobile acceptor ions
C. Mobile donor and acceptor ions
D. Majority carriers

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