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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Semiconductor Physics and Diodes }

106. Addition of a small amount of antimony to germanium will result in
A. Formation of p-type semiconductor
B. More free electrons than holes in the semiconductor
C. Antimony concentrating on the edges of the crystal
D. Increased resistance
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107. The conduction band is
A. Same as forbidden energy gap
B. Generally located on the top of the crystal
C. Generally located on the bottom of the crystal
D. A range of energies corresponding to the energies of the free electrons
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108. Which of the following semiconductor is electrically positive?
A. Intrinsic semiconductor
B. Extrinsic semi-conductor
C. P-type semi-conductor
D. None of the above
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109. A PN-junction offers
A. High resistance in forward as well as reverse direction
B. Low resistance in forward as well as reverse direction
C. Conducts in forward direction only
D. Conducts in reverse direction only.
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110. In PN junction, the region containing the uncompensated acceptor and donor ions is called
A. Transition zone
B. Depletion region
C. Neutral region
D. Active region
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111. In a reverse biased P-N junction, the current through the junction increases abruptly at
A. Zero voltage
B. 1.2 V
C. 0.72 V
D. Breakdown voltage
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112. Maximum rectification efficiency for a half wave rectifier is
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