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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Semiconductor Physics and Diodes }

99. Avalanche breakdown diodes have
A. a positive temperature coefficient
B. a negative temperature coefficient
C. a breakdown voltage that is independent of temperature
D. none of these
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100. Threshold energy level, which is the minimum amount of kinetic energy required before any impact collisions of free carriers to generate additional carriers by freeing them from their lattice structure, is (for silicon)
A. 2.25 eV
B. 1 eV
C. 10 eV
D. none of these
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101. A zener is rated 20 V, 1 A. It was observed that a change in temperature equal to 100?C resulted in a change in breakdown voltage by 100 mV. Temperature coefficient in percentage is
A. 1% per ?C
B. 5 x 10-7% per ?C
C. indeterminate from given data
D. none of these
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102. Which of the following is used as a passive component in electronic circuits?
A. Tunnel diode
B. Capacitor
C. Transistor
D. Vacuum diode
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103.  The diameter of an atom is
A. 10-6 metre
B. 10-10 metre
C. 10-15 metre
D. 10-21 metre
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104. The number of protons in an atom is called its
A. isotope number
B. atomic number
C. atomic weight
D. none of the above
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105. Valence electrons are the
A. loosely packed electrons
B. mobile electrons
C. electrons present in the outermost orbit
D. electrons that do not carry and charge
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