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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Semiconductor Physics and Diodes }

71. Performance of one of the following diodes is not based upon its negative resistance characteristic
A. Gunn
C. Tunnel
D. Backward
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72. One of the following microwave diodes is suitable for very low power oscillator only. It is
A. Tunnel
B. Gunn
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73. One of the following is not used as a mixer or detector at microwave frequencies
A. Schottky barrier diode
B. Crystal diode
C.(b) Backward?diode
D. PIN diode
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74. The transferred?electron bulk effect occurs in
A. germanium
B. silicon
C. gallium arsenide
D. none of these
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75. The biggest advantage of TRAPATT diode over IMPATT diode is its
A. higher efficiency
B. higher output
C. lower noise
D. capability to operate at higher frequencies
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76. A varactor diode may be advantageous at microwave frequencies (indicate false answer)
A. for electronic tuning
B. as an oscillator
C. as a parametric amplifier
D. for frequency multiplication
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77.  If high order frequency multiplication is required from a diode multiplier
A. the resistive cut-off frequency must be high
B. a small value of base resistance is required
C. a step recovery diode must be used
D. none of these
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