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ECE Objective Questions { Radar Engineering and Satellite Communication }

57. The gain of a radar transmitting antenna is
A. loss than that of radar receiving antenna
B.almost equal to that of radar receiving antenna
C. slightly higher than that of radar receiving antenna
D. much higher than that of radar receiving antenna

58. The duty cyclein a pulsed radar transmitter cannot be increased beyond a point because it
A. affects the operating frequency
B. increases the average power of the transmitter tube
C. does not detect weak IgrIals
D. none of the above

59. In case the antenna diameter in a radar system is increased to four times, the maximum range will increase by
A. IF time
B. 2 times
C. 4 times
D. 8 times

60. Which one of the following applications or advantages of radar beacons is false?
A. navigation
B. target identification
C. more accurate tracking of enemy targets
D. very significant extension of the mximum range.

61. `STALO' stands for
A. standard local oscillator
B. stable L-band output
C. stabilized local oscillator
D. staturated and linear oscillator

62. Blind speed causes target to appear
A. moving uniformily
B. moving irregularly
C. stationary
D. intermittently

63. For precise target location and tracking, retards operate in
A. S-band
B. D-band
C. L-band
D. none of the above

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