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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Radar Engineering and Satellite Communication }

36. A CW-FM radar can measure
A. only relative velocity
B. only range
C. relative velocity and range
D. relative velocity, range and size of target
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37. The resolution of a radar is its ability to
A. distinguish between two closelyspaced targets
B. detect target in rain and fog
C. detect only moving targets
D. detect several targets at a time
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38. If 1 watt of R.F. power is fed to a directional coupler having 20 dB coupling, the power available at the coupled port is watts.
B. ?10
D. none of the above
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39. A circularly-polarized wave is a
A. superposition of two sine waves
B. superposition of two linearlypolarizedwaves of equal amplitude which are orthogonal in space and 90? out of phase
C. superposition of two linearly-polarized waves of equal amplitude which are orthogonal in space and 180? out of phase
D. superposition of one sine wave and a cosine wave
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40. Radar detection is limited to line-of-sight because
A. curvature of the Earth
B. ionosphere
C. long wavelengths are used
D. none of above
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41. The maximum range R of detection of target is proportional to ? of the transmitted power.
A. square root
B. square
C. fourth root
D. one-fourth
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42. A radar used for measuring the height of an aircraft is known as
A. radar altimeter
B. radar elevator
C. radar speedometer
D. radar latitude
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