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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Radar Engineering and Satellite Communication }

29. Which statement regarding CW Doppler radar is wrong?
A. it does not use duplexer
B. it gives continuous transmission
C. it gives accurate measurement of relative velocity
D. it is capable of measuring target range
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30. Blind speeds in M.T.I. radar result in
A. restrictionin speed of detectable targets
B. blanking of PPI
C. no change in phase detector output
D. none of above
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31. A simple CW radar does not give range information because
A. it uses the principle of Doppler shift
B. CW waves do not get reflected from a target
C. the continuous echo cannot be associated with any specific part of the transmitted wave
D. None of the above
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32. The major advantage of pulsed radar over CW radar is that
A. pulsed radar readily gives the range of target while CW radar cannot give range information
B. pulsed radar can indentify a target more easily than CW radar
C. pulses get reflected from the target more efficiently as compared to CW waves
D. None of the above
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33. Radar transmits pulsed electromagnetic energy because
A. it is easy to measure the direction of the target
B. it provides a very ready measurement of range
C. it is very easy to identify the targets
D. None of the above
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34. Magnetrons are commonly used as radar transmitters because
A. high power can be generated and transmittedto aerial directly from oscillator
B. it is easily cooled it is a cumbersome device
C. all the above
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35. If the 'Noise Figure' of receiver A is better than 'Noise Figure' of receiver B, it implies that S/N ratio of
A. receiver A is better than that of receiver B
B. receiver A is poorer than that of receiver B
C. receivers A and B depends on their individual bandwidths.
D. None of the above
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