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ECE Objective Questions { Radar Engineering and Satellite Communication }

22. 'PPP in a radar system stands for
A. plan position image
B. pulse position indicator
C. plan position indicator
D. none of the above

23. In radar reception, the term ratrace' is used in connected with
A. modulator
B. duplexer
C. pulse characteristics
D. receiver bandwidth

24. The A-scope of a radar displays
A. no 'grass'
B. traget position and range
C. traget range but not position
D. target position but not range

25. A bistatic radar has
A. transmitting and receiving antennas at the same point
B. transmitting and receiving antennas separated by quite large distances
C. two static antennas
D. two static displays

26. The duty oycle in a pulses radar transmitter cannot be increased beyond a point because it
A. affects the operating frequency
B. increase the average power of the transmitter tube
C. does not detect peak signals
D. None of the above

27. One method of solving 'blind speed' problem is to
A. use a variable PRF
B. use digital MTI
C. change Doppler frequency
D. use short wavelength

28. The lowest 'blind speed' of a radar erating at 6 GHz with a PRF of 1000 pps is ? m/s

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