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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Radar Engineering and Satellite Communication }

232. The value of 'g' in the microgravity environment typically available in space stations is of the order of
A. 10-6.g.
B. 10-4g
C. 10-12g
D. zero
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233. When a satellite of mass (m) is orbitting earth at a height (h) from earth's surface with a velocity (u), then the centripetal force due to gravitational attraction of the earth is given by (Assume `G' as the gravitation constant and `IVI' as the mas of earth) escape earth's gravitational attraction, are interrelated by
A. u2 = 2u1
B.u2= ul
C. u2=u
D. u2 = 2 fuT
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234. The most commonly employed analog modulation technique in satellite communication is the
A. Amplitude Modulation (AM)
B. Frequency Modulation (FM)
C. Pulse Amplitude Modulation (PAM)
D. Pulse Width Modulation (PWM)
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235. Earth station figure-of-merit is defined as
A. 10 log (?GT )
B. 10 log (7G )
C. 10 log GT
D. 20 log (?GT )
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236. When the orbit eccentricity equals 1, the orbit takes the shape of
A. an ellipse
B. a parabola
C. a hyperbola
D. circle
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237. An accentricity figure of greater than unity would imply that
A. the satellite orbit becomes elliptical
B. the satellite orbit becomes parabolic
C. the satellite escapes from the orbit
D. none of these
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238. Mark the wrong statement
A. an inclined polar orbit can never be a geosynchronous orbit
B. All geostationary orbits are geosynchronous orbits where as all geosynchronous orbits are not geostationary orbits
C. Molniy9 orbbit is popular with Russian communication satellites
D. A spin stabilised satellite uses a simple technique for stabilisation or attitude control but larger number of solar cells whereas a body stabilised satellite uses a very complex stabilisation mechanism but a fewer solar cells
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