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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Radar Engineering and Satellite Communication }

218. Satellite capacity depends on
A. weight that can be placed in orbit
B. panel area available for energydissipation transmitter power
C. all of above
D. none of the above
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219. For the earth station antennas to be 6 feet in diameter, the satellite frequency bands must be in
A. 4/6 GHz range
B. 12/14 GHz range
C. 20/30 GHz range
D. both (a) and (b)
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220. The satellite orbit almost inveriably used with remote sensing satellites is the
A. Geostationary orbit
B. Geosynchronous orbit
C. Sun synchronous orbit
D. Molniya orbit
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221. Sith reference to geosynchronous and geostationary satellite orbits,
A. the two are identical
B. the geosynchronous satellite orbit is in the plane of the equator
C. while geosynchronous orbits are mainly used for mateorological applications, geostationary satellite orbits are mainly used for communication applications
D. while a geostationary orbit is in the equatorial plane, the orbital plane of a geosynchronous satellite is inclined to the equatorial plane
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222. The location of a geostationary satellite is always given in terms of
A. a certain longitude
B. a certain latitude
C. longitude and latitude
D. distance from earth's surface
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223. The orbital velocity of the satellite
A. is directly proportional to its distance from earth's surface
B. is inversely proportional to square root of its distance from earth's centre
C. depends upon the thrust with which it is launched
D. is continuously changing as the satellite revolves
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224. With reference to satellites, the first orbital velocity (u1) which is the minimum horizontal launch velocity required to put a satellite into a circular orbit around earth and second orbital velocity (1)2) which is the horizontal launch velocity which makes the satellite
A. highest point in the orbit
B. lowest point in the orbit
C. point in the parking orbit
D. name given to the boost motor that puts the satellite in the right parking slot
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