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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Radar Engineering and Satellite Communication }

211. One of the following satellite systms is being used for weather forecast applications
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212. One of the following satellite systems is not used for communication services
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213. Referring to satellite communication systems, a refraction that occurs in the ionosphere due to presence of earth's magnetic field and gives rise to rotation of plane of polarisation of a linearily polarised wave is known as
A. Scintillation
B. Faraday rotation
C. Doppler shift
D. Depolarisation
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214. A 10 GHz signal was beamed, up at a satellite at a distance of about 40,000 kms from earth's surface, The signal undergoes a free space loss of about
A. 10 dB
B. 50 dB
C. 200 dB
D. 385 dB
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215. A geosynchronous orbit is the one when the
A. satellite is placed in orbit 15,000 miles about earth's surface in a north to south orbital path '
B. the satellite is placed in orbit 22,000 miles above earth's surface in an orbit that matches one of the longitudinal lines of earth
C. The satellite is placed 35,000 miles above earth's surfacein equatorial orbit
D. the satellite's orbital velocity is in synchronism with the earth's rotation
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216. If a satellite is in a geosynchronous orbit, it
A. remains in a fixed position relative to points on earth
B. moves faster than the earth's rotation so as to sweep a large portion of earth's surface in a 24 hour period
C. can cover 40 percent of earth's surface
D. both (a) and (c)
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217. Higher the frequency of satellite or earth station transmitter,
A. higher is the potential bandwidth that can be used for communications
B. closer the satellites can be spaced without interfering with each other
C. narrower is the radiation beamwidth for a given earth station and satellite antenna diameter
D. all of above
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