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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Radar Engineering and Satellite Communication }

197. An active satellite has
A. antenna system
B. antenna system, transmitter, and receiver
C. antenna system, transmitter, receiver and power supply
D. only metallic balun
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198. In satellite communication, modulation used is
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199. Communication satellites are invariably
A. stationary
B. geostationary
C. revolving at their own speed
D. changing their track and speed
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200. The distance of a geostationary satellite from the surface of the earth is nearly
A. 360 km
B. 3600 lcm
C. 36,00 km
D. 360,000 km
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201. The waiting time for telephonic conversation via communication satellite is of the order of
A. 960ms
B. 680 ms
C. 540 ms
D. 330 ms
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202. A satellite earth station has
A. only transmitting equipment
B. A satellite earth station has
C. both transmitting as well as receiving equipment
D. none of the above
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203. A satellite used for international communication is known as
A. Comsat
B. Domsat
C. Intelsat
D. None of the above
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