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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Radar Engineering and Satellite Communication }

8. If the transmitted waveform is a train of rectangular pulses of width 2 microseconds, the pulse repetition period is 1 millisecond and the peak power is 10 kilowatts, theaverage power is
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9. If a radar is to have a range of 50 nmi (92.6 km), pulse interval should be microsecond.
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10. Higher pulse repetition frequency (P.R.F.) in a radar will
A. increase the range of the radar
B. make week signal discernible
C. improve the signal-to-noise ratio of the system
D. All of the above
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11. If PRF of a radar is 1200 and pulse width 1.2 pis, the duty cycle of the output tube is ts/s.
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12. The average power of a pulsed radar transmitter is given by
A. the product of peak power of the pulse and the duty cycle
B. peak power divided by the number of pulses repeated in one second
C. peak power divided by the duty cycle
D. All of the above
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13. The minimum range of detection by a pulse radar depends on
A. pulse width
B. average transmitter power
C. beamwidth of the antenna
D. All of the above
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14. A duplexer is a
A. signal side band filter
B. transmit-receive switch
C. balanced mixer
D. IF-log amplifier
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