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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Radar Engineering and Satellite Communication }

113. A satellite link uses different frequencyies for receiving and transmitting in order to
A. avoid interference from terrestrial microwave links
B. avoid interference between its powerful transmitted signal and weak incoming signal
C. minimise free-space losses
D. maximise antenna gain
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114. The expression for satellite link frequencies such as 4/6 GHz denotes that
A. 4 GHz is the up-link and 6 GHz is the down-link frequency
B. 4 GHz is the down-link and 6 GHz is the up-link frequency
C. the system operates at a mean fre quency of 5 GHz
D. one frequency is used as a back up for the other
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115. At present, the radio-frequency band mainly used by most satellites is
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116. The lowest frequency used in satellite communications is GHz.
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117. A transponder is a satellite equipment which
A. receives a signal from Earth station and amplifiers it
B. changes the frequency of the received signal
C. retransmits the received signal
D. does all the above-mentioned functions
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118. The angle subtended by Earth as geostationary communication satellite is
A. 17.34?
B. 51.4?
C. 120?
D. 60?
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119. Satellite launch sites are inveriably located on Eastern seaboards to esure that
A. launch takes place eastward
B. expenditure of propulsion fuel in reduced during plane changing
C. the satellite achieves circular orbit quickly
D. spent rocket motor and other launcher debris falls into the sea
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