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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Radar Engineering and Satellite Communication }

92. One of the following radar systems is mainly used in remote sensing applications.
A. Pulse compression radar
B.FM-CW radar
C. Synthetic aperture radar
D. Phased array radar
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93. In one of the following radar systems, the radar beam is steered electronically
A. Phased array radar
B. synthetic aperture radar
C. Over-the-horizon radar
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94. The radar cross-section of a target with a scattering area
A. 4nA/X2
B. 4nA2/A.2
C. 4nA2A.
D. 4nA/X,
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95. When same antenna is used for transmission as well as reception, the radar range is
A. directly, proportional to the antenna gain
B.directly proportional to one fourth power of antenna gain
C. directly proportional to square root of antenna gain
D. inversely proportional to square of antenna gain
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96. With reference to radars, better range resolution requires
A. larger bandwidth
B. larger transmitted power
C. higher pulse repetition rate
D. larger antenna
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97. A pulse compression radar transmits an encoded pulse with a frequency chirp from 990 MHz to 1010 MHz centered around 1 GHz. The range resolution capability of this radar would be
A. 15 m
B. 30 m
C. 3.75 m
D. 7.5 m
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98. The maximum unambiguous range of a pulse radar with a PRF of 5 kHz would be
A. 30 lcm
B. 150 km
C. 3001cm
D. 60 km
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