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ECE Objective Questions { Radar Engineering and Satellite Communication }

71. When P is the peak transmitted pulse power, the maximum range of the radar is proportional to
A. P
B. (P)1/2
C. (p)1 /4
D. (1))114

72. The minimum receivable signal in radar receiver which has an IF bandwidth of 1.5 MHz and a 9 dB noise figure will be
A.4.17 x 10-1? W
B. 4.17 x 10-12 W
C.4.17 x 10-14 W
D. 4.17 x 10-16W

73. The maximum range of a radar depends on all of the following EXCEPT
A. peak transmitted pulse power
B. direction of movement of target
C. target area
D. capture area of antenna

74. The antenna used for radar is
A. paraboloidal antenna
B. horn fed paraboloid reflectors
C. dipole
D. all of the above

75. The noise figure of a radar receiver is 12 dB, and its bandwidth is 2.5 Mhz. The value of Pminfor this radar will be
A. 1.59 x 10-9 W
B. 1.59 x 10-13 W
C. 1.59x 1015W
D. 1.59x 10-17 W

76. An MTI radar operates at 10 GHz with PRF of 3000 ppps. The lowest blind will be
A. 40 km/hr
B. 66 km/hr
C. 81 lcm/hr
D. 162 lcm/hr

77. The delay unit section of the VRM/delay unit can De used to
A. extend the range of radar
B. reduce radar interference expand an area for examination
C. both (a) & (b)
D. none of the above

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