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ECE Objective Questions { Radar Engineering and Satellite Communication }

64. The range of a radar is
A. directly proportional to the gain of the radar antenna
B. directly proportional to the minimum detectable signal by the receiver
C. inversely proportional to the gain of the radar antenna
D. inversely proportional to the transmitted power

65. Which of the following is essential for fast communication?
A. High S/N ratio
B. High channel capacity
C. large bandwidth
D. all of the above

66. The maximum range of a radar depends on
A. pulse frequency
B. pulse duration
C. pulse energy
D. none of the above

67. A target is moving with a velocity of 360 km/hour radially towards the transmitting frequency generator of 3 GHz will be
A. 300 Hz
B. 1 kHz
C. 1.5 kHz
D. 2 kHz

68. The minimum range of detection by a pulse radar depends on
A. pulse width
B. average transmitter power
C. beam width of the antenna
D. all of the above

69. Which one of teh following is used for 1FF?
A. CW radar
B. MI!
C. ordinary radar
D. Beacon

70. The minimum receivable signal in a radar receiver whose IF, bandwidth is 1.5 MHz and which has a noise figure 9 dB, will be
A. 4.16 x 10-10watt
B. 4.16 x 10-12 watt
C. 4.16 x 10-13 watt
D. 4.16 x 10-14 watt

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