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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Radar Engineering and Satellite Communication }

1. The Doppler frequency is large if
A. the transmitted frequency is small
B. the relative velocity of target with respect to radar is large
C. the size of the antenna is large
D. the relative velocity of target with 6. respect to radar is small
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2. If peak transmitted power in a radar system is increased 16 times, its maximum range will be increased by a factor of
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3. Radar range primarily depends upon
A. peak transmitted power
B. average transmitted power
C. independent of transmitted power
D. distance between ends
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4. Which statement(s) regarding the working of a radar system is/are wrong?
A. maximum range is proportional to the square-root of the capture area of the receiving antenna
B. maximum range is inversely proportional to the diameter if wavelength is kept constant
C. maximum radar range is independent of the effective target area
D.Both B and C
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5. In a radar transmitter, the function of modulator is to
A. allow the use of same antenna for transmission and reception
B.switch the tube OFF and ON as required
C. control pulse repetition frequency (PRF)
D. increase maximum range of the radar
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6. The resolution of a pulsed radar can be improved by
A. increasing pulse width
B. decreasing pulse width
C. increasing the pulse amplitude
D. decreasing the pulse repetition frequency
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7. The thermal-noise power generated by a receiver of bandwidth Bn (in hertz) at a temperature T (degrees kelvin) is where k is the Boltzann's constant
A. kTBn
B. kT2Bn
C. ckTBn
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