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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Power Semiconductor Devices and Their Applications }

50.  In single-phase full-wave controlled bridge rectifier, minimum output voltage is obtained at conduction angle and maximum at conduction angle
A. 0?, 1800
B. 180?, 0?
C. 0?, 0?
D. 180?, 180?
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51.  In a thyristor
A. the holding current is greater than latching current
B. the two currents are equal
C. the latching current is about 3 times the holding current
D. none of the above
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52. The VI characteristics of UJT is
A. similar to CE with a linear and saturation region
B.similar to FET with a linear and pinch off region
C. similar to tunnel diode in some respects
D. similar to pn junction diode in some respects.
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53. Chopper control for DC motor provides variation in
A. input voltage
B. frequency
C. none of the above
D. current
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54. In a thyristor the ratio of latching current to holding current is
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55. In a thyristor, ?dt protection is achieved through the use of
A. L across thyristor
B. R acrossthyristor
C. RC across thyristor
D. RL across thyristor di
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56. In a thyristor ?dt protection is achieved through the use of
A. L in series with thyristor
B. R in series with thyristor
C. RC in series with thyristor
D. RL in series with thyristor
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