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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Power Semiconductor Devices and Their Applications }

239. Which of the following regulator can provide output voltage more than or less than the input voltage? I. Buck regulator II. Boost regulator III. Buck-boost regulator IV. Cuk regulator
A. I and II only
B. II and III only
C. III and IV only
D. I, II and III only
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240. In a power MOSFET switching time are of the order of few
A. seconds
B. milliseconds
C. microseconds
D. nano seconds
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241. Which type of power supply is usually preferred for PC?
A. Swiched mode power supply
B. Resonant power supply
C. Bidirectional power supply
D. none of the above
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242. Consider the following statements SI and S2 Si: The threshold voltage (VT) of a MOS capacitor decreases with increase in gate oxide thickness S2 : The threshold voltage (VT) of a MOS capacitor decreases with increase in substrate doping concentration Which one of the following is correct?
A. SI is FALSE and S2 is TRUE
B. Both SI and S2 are TRUE
C. Both SI and S2 are FALSE
D. SI is TRUE and S2 is FALSE
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243. The drain of an n-channel MOSFET is shorted to the gate so that VGS = YDS? The threshold voltage (VT) of MOSFET is 1 V. If the drain current (ID) is 1 mA for 'GS = 2 V, then for VGs = 3 V, ID is
A. 2 mA
B. 3 mA
C. 9 mA
D. 4 mA
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244. A MOS capacitor made using p type substrade is in the accumulation mode. The dominant charge in the channel is due to the presence of
A. holes
B. electrons
C. positively charged ions
D. negatively charged ions
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245. An n-channel depletion MOSFET has following two points on its ID - VGS curve (i) 'GS = Oat ID =12 mA and (ii) VGs = -6 Volts at ID = 0 Which of the following Q-points will give the highest trans-conductance gain for small signals?
A. VGs = -6 Volts
B. VGs =-3 Volts
C. VGs = 0 Volts
D. V0=3 Volts
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