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ECE Objective Questions { Power Semiconductor Devices and Their Applications }

106. In a single-phase full converter, the number of SCRs conducting during overlap is

107. In a 3-phase full converter, the output voltage is at a frequency equal to
A. supply frequency f
B. 2 f
C. 3 f
D. 6 f

108. Which of the following 3-phase ac to de converter requires neutral point connection?
A. 3-phase semiconductor
B. 3-phase full converter
C. 3-phase halfwave converter
D. 3-phase full converter with diodes

109. In a dual converter, converters 1 and 2 work as under
A. 1 as rectifier, 2 as inverter
B. both as rectifiers
C. both as inverters
D. none of these

110. For a single-phase half-bridge, amplitude of output voltage is Vs and the output power is P. Then their corresponding values fora single phase full-bridge inverter are
A. Vs, P
B. Vs/2, P/2
C. 2Vs, 2P
D. V, 2P

111. A single-phase full bridge inverter can operate in load-commutation mode in case load consists of
A. RLC overdamped
B. RLC underdamped
C. RLC critically damped
D. none of these

112. In dc choppers, if Ton is the on period and f is the chopping frequency, then output voltage in terms of the input voltage V is given by
A. VsTon/f
B. Vs.ffron
C. Vs/(Fron)
D. Vsf, Ton

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