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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Power Semiconductor Devices and Their Applications }

64. If firing angle in a SCR rectifier is decreased, output is
A. increased
C. decreased
D. unaffected
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65. A SCR is a _____ switch
A. one directional
B. two directional
C. three directional
D. four directional
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66.  Comparing a triac & SCR,
A. both are unidirectional devices
B. triac requires more current for turn on than SCR at a particular voltage
C. a tric a has less time for turn off than SCR
D. both are bidirectional devices
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67. In a thyristor
A. the turn-off time of a thyristor is less than turn-on time
B. the turn-on time isless turn-off time
C. the turn-off time for the line commutation is less than forced commutation
D. none of the above
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68. In a three phase halfwave diode rectifier, the ratio of average output voltage to per phase maximum ac voltage is
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69. Each diode in, half wave diode rectifier conducts for
A. 30?
B. 60?
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70. In a semi converter, for firing angle less than or equal to 60?, wheeling diode conducts for
A. zero degree
B. 30?
C.(b) 45?
D. 75?
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