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ECE Objective Questions { Operational Amplifier and Its Applications }

50. When a transistor is cut off,
A. maximum voltage appears across transistor
B. maximum current flows
C. maximom voltage appears across load
D. none of the above

51. A class A power amplifier is sometimes called _____ amplifier
A. symmetrical
B. single-end
C. reciprocating
D. differential

52.  Class ____ operation gives the maximum distortion.
A. A

53. The output stage of a multistage amplifier usually employs
A. push-pull amplifier
B. preamplifier
C. class A power amplifier
D. none of the above

54. The size of a power transistor is made considerably large to
A. provide easy handling
B. dissipate heat
C. facilitate connections
D. none of the above

55. Low efficiency of a power amplifier results in
A. low forward bias
B. less battery consumption
C. more battery consumption
D. none of the above

56. The driver stage usually employs
A. class A power amplifier
B. push-pull amplifier
C. class C amplifier
D. none of the above

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