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ECE Objective Questions { Operational Amplifier and Its Applications }

43. In class A operation, the operating point is generally located ............ of the d.c. load line.
A. at cut off point
B. at the middle
C. at/saturation point
D. none of the above

44. Class C amplifiers are used as
A. AF amplifiers
B. detectors
C. R.F. amplifiers
D. none of the above

45. A power amplifier has comparatively ............
A. small
B. large
C. very large
D. none of the above

46. The maximum collector efficiency of class B operation is

47. A 2-transistor class B power amplifier is commonly called ____ amplifier.
A. dual
B. push-pull
C. symmetrical differential

48. If a transistor is operated in such a way that output current flows for 600 of the input signal, then it is ____ operation.
A. class A
B. class B
C. class C
D. none of the above

49. If the zero signal power dissipation of a transistor is 1 W, then power rating of the transistor should be atleast
A. 0.5 W
B. 0.33 W
C. 0.75 W
D.1 W

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