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ECE Objective Questions { Operational Amplifier and Its Applications }

29. A square pulse has a mark-to-space ratio of
A. 1 : 1
B. 1 : 2
C. 2 : 1
D. 1 : 4

30. Apart from a de power source, the essential requirements of a sawtooth generator are
A. a resistor
B. a capacitor
C. a switching device
D. all of the above

31. Which of the following statement is WRONG? Inn multivibrator.
A. output is available continuously
B. feedback between two stages is 100%
C. positive feedback is employed
D. when one transistor is ON, the other is OFF

32. An MMV circuit
A. has no stable state
B. gives two output pulses for one input trigger pulse
C. returns to its stand-by states automatically
D. has no energy-storage element

33. A BMV circuit
A. has two unstable states
B. has on energy-storage element
C. switches between its two states automatically
D. is not an oscillator

34. In the Schmitt trigger circuit shown in Fig. 6.5 if V cusat) = 0.1 V, the output logic low level (Vod is
A. 1.25 V
B. 1.35 V
C. 2.50 V
D.5.00 V

35. The output stage of a multistage amplifier is also called
A. mixer stage
B. power stage
C. detector stage
D. R.F. stage

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