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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Operational Amplifier and Its Applications  }

22. A Colpitts oscillator uses
A. tapped coil
B. inductive feedback
C. tapped capacitance
D. no tuned LC circuit
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23. In RC phase-shift oscillator circuits.
A. there is no need for feedback
B. feedback factor is less than unity
C. pure sine wave output is possible
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24.  Wien bridge oscillator is most often used whenever.
A. wide range of high purity sine waves is to be generated
B. high feedback ratio is needed
C. square output waves are required
D. extremely high resonant frequencies are required
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25. A CE amplifier can be converted into oscillator by
A. providing adequate positive feedback
B. phase shifting the output by 1800 and feedingothis phase-shifted output to the input.
C. using only a series tuned circuit as a load on the amplifier
D. using a negative resistance device as a load on the amplifier
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26. The primary advantage of a crystal oscillator is that
A. it can oscillate at any frequency
B. it gives a high output voltage
C. its frequency of oscillation remains almost constant
D. it operates on a very low dc supply voltage
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27. Non-sinusoidal waveforms
A. are departures from sine waveform
B. have low mark-to-space ratio
C. are much easier to generate
D. are unfit for digital operation
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28. A relaxation oscillator is one which
A. has two stable states
B. relaxes indefmitely
C. produces non-sinusoidal output
D. oscillates continuously
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