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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Operational Amplifier and Its Applications  }

148. A cascade amplifier will have higher cut-off frequency
A. equal to that of single stage amplifier
B. less than that of single stage amplifier
C. more than that of single stage amplifier.
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149. A push pull amplifiers balances out
A. odd harmonics
B. even harrnoics
C. both odd' as well as even harmonics .
D. neither odd nor even harmonics
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150. Two I.F. amplifier stages tuned to a frequency of 456 kHz are cascade. What should be the quality factors of the tuned circuits if the bandwidth is to be 10 kHz and single tuned circuit is used?
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151. Which of the following circuit has the greatest bandwidth?
A. fr = 1 MHz ; Q = 10
B. = 4551(Hz ; Q = 100
C. f= 1 MHz ; Q = 100
D. fr= 50 MHz; Q = 50
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152. A push pull class B amplifier uses two AC 126 transistors, transformer coupled to a speaker of 3 ohms. The turns ratio is 20 and the supply voltage is 9 V. Assumig transformer to be ideal, the maximum collector current will be
A. 1 mA
B. 5 mA
C. 15 tnA
D. 30 tnA
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153. The power output in above question will be
A. 15 mW
B. 30 mW
C. 45 mW
D. 135 mW
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154. The second harmonic distortion in an amplifier is reduced from 5% to 1% due to negative feedback. If the amplifier gain is 1000, the feedback ratio should be
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