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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Operational Amplifier and Its Applications  }

8.  In an inverting amplifier, the two input terminals of an ideal OP-AMP are at the same potential because.
A. the two input terminals are directly shorted internally
B. the input impedance of the OP-AMP is infinity
C. common-mode rejection ratio is infinity
D. the open-loop gain of the OP-AMP is infinity
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9. The open-loop gain of the operational amplifier is 105. An input signal of 1 mV is applied to the inverting input with the non-inverting input connected to the ground. The supply voltages are ?10V. The output of the amplifier will be
A. +100V
B.? 100 V
C. + 10 V (approximately)
D. ? 10 V (approximately)
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10. When in a negative scaler, both RI and Rf are reduced to zero, the circuit functions as
A. integrator
D. transistor parameters determine oscillation frequency.
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11. The two input terminals of an OP-AMP are known as
A. positive and negative
B. differential and non-differential
C. inverting and non-inverting
D. high and low
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12.  The purpose of comparator is to
A. amplify an input voltage
B. detect the occurrence of a changing input voltage
C. maintain a constant output when the dc input voltage changes.
D. produce a change in input voltage when an input voltage equals the reference voltage. ?
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13.  The OP-AMP comparator circuit uses
A. positive feedback
B. negative feedback
C. regeneratiye feedback
D. no feedback
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14.  The feedback path in an OP-AMP integrator constant of
A. a resistor
B. a capacitor
C. a resistor and a capacitor in series
D. a resistor and a capacitor in parallel.
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