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Electronics Engineering Objective Questions { Operational Amplifier and Its Applications  }

99. Quartz crystal is most commonly used in crystal oscillators because
A. it has superior electrical properties
B. it is easily available
C. it is quite inexpensive
D. none of the above
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100. ____ is a fixed frequency oscillator.
A. Phase-shift oscillator
B. Hartley oscillator
C. Colpitt's oscillator
D. Crystal oscillator
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101.  In an LC oscillator, if the value of L is increased four times, the frequency of oscillations is
A. increased 2 times
B. decreased 4 times
C. increased 4 times
D. decreased 2 times
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102. An important limitation of a crystal oscillator is
A. its low output
B. its high Q
C. less availability of quartz crystal
D. its high output
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103. The signal generator generally used in the laboratories is _____ oscillator.
A. Wien-bridge
B. Hartly
C. Crystal
D. Phase shift
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104. A tuned amplifier uses ____ load.
A. resistive
B. capacitive
C. LC tank
D. inductive
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105. A tuned amplifier is generally operated in _____ operation.
A. class A
B. class C
C. class B
D. none of the above
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